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Job Openings

Recruitment and Promotion Rules


SNo. Position Title Reference No. Position Status Closing Date
10. Trainee Assistant Aerodrome Officer IGRUA/Advt/190/2023/05/17 Contract Open
9. Asst Aerodrome Officer IGRUA/Advt/188/2023/05/10 Contract Open
8. Flight Instructor IGRUA/Advt/189/2023/05/10 Contract Open
7. Quality Manager IGRUA/Advt/184/2023/02/04 Contract Open
6. Assistant Aerodrome Officer IGRUA/Advt/174/2022/12/13 (Amended) Contract Open
5. Assistant IT Administrator (FDR) IGRUA/Advt/182/2023/01/04 Contract Open
4. Dispatch Officer IGRUA/Advt/181/2023/01/04 Contract Open
3. Simulator Instructor IGRUA/Advt/180/2023/01/04 Contract Open
2. Flight Instructor IGRUA/Advt/115/2021/07/14 Contract Open
1. Assistant Flight Instructor IGRUA/Advt/114/2021/07/14 Contract Open



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