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All donations towards the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund (PMNRF) are notified for 100% deduction from taxable income under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961
Approved Courses offered to students to avail benefits / subsidy by banks


The following flight simulators and training devices are available at IGRUA:

  • Two Simulators for DA-40 aircraft with a very reallistic Visual system of 180 degree field of view.
  • One Simulator for DA-42 multi-engine aircraft with a very reallistic Visual system of 180 degree field of view.
  • Two fixed base Cockpit Procedure Trainers for TB-20 aircraft.
  • A Glass Cockpit Procedure Trainer, which simulates eight different aircraft from light single engine to advanced jets.
  • Touch Panel Trainer for Boeing 737 aircraft.
  • WOMBAT Pilot Aptitude Testing Device.
  • Computer Based Interactive Training System.


The simulator training exercises have been designed to fly 20 hrs on Single Engine Simulator  and   10 hrs on Twin Engine Simulator. Before commencement of flying training on actual aircraft, the students are trained on simulators. They start with basic checks, familiarization with instrumentation on board and approved procedures. The simulator flying exercises progress concurrently with actual aircraft flying training exercises. Bad weather and Emergency conditions  and possible technical snags in actual aircraft flying can be generated on simulators to make our students more confident to face such eventualities. The simulators have proved to be a powerful training aid for certain exercises which may be quite risky or not possible at all on actual aircraft. In simulators, the students do not need to wait for bad weather season to gain experience under such conditions.   The simulator training thoroughly covers emergency procedures and equips with advanced professional skills as demanded by the growing industry.

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