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All donations towards the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund (PMNRF) are notified for 100% deduction from taxable income under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961
Approved Courses offered to students to avail benefits / subsidy by banks


Following Professional Courses, duly approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India are offered to  students to avail benefits / subsidy by banks :

    1. Ab-initio to Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) coupled with Instrument and Multi Engine Endorsement alongwith an option for BSc (Aviation) degree.
    2. Simulator training as per candidates requirements.
    3. Multi Engine endorsement.
    4. Instrument Rating .
    5. Licence issue/ renewal tests and Licence endorsement checks.
    6. Ab-initio to Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) course for foreign nationals as per Regulatory requirements in their respective countries
    7. Specifically designed training courses for Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard Pilots.
    8. CRM Workshop
    9. Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCC) Course
    10. AELP Training and Testing course

Commercial Pilot License from ab-initio stage with I/R and multi-engine endorsement

The Advertisement for Ab-initio to CPL course is scheduled for release in National News Papers/ website in April every year. The ground training is imparted upto ATPL standard and flying training to meet CPL requirements as stipulated by DGCA.

Ground Training

No. of Hours

Simulator Training

Flying Training

Air Navigation



20 hrs Pilot Flying on Cockpit Procedure Trainer (CPT) for single engine aircraft

200 hrs Flying training for issue of CPL, IR & Multi engine rating are provided as per DGCA requirements.

Radio Aids


Aviation Meteorology 85
Aircraft General Knowledge
 ( Technical General )


Air Regulations



20 hrs. Pilot Flying on
twin engine simulator

Crew Resource Management


Multi Jet Operations




The cadets undergo intensive training in the core subjects for CPL requirements as per curriculum  mentioned above  and clear all examinations conducted inhouse as well as by DGCA.
The flying stage begins with the Pre-Flight Ground Training (PFGT) on a specific aircraft.
Students have to pass Student Pilot License (SPL) exam which is in the form viva / oral followed by  FRTOL
( Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s License) written and viva exams. The cadet is first trained on pre-flight stage – Simulators and then taken on actual aircraft with exercises becoming more and more interesting and challenging during the flying training program.

The Course Fee & other Charges

The Course Fee for Ab-initio to CPL Course with I/R and multi-engine endorsement is Rs. 45,00,000  and
no GST is applicable on the same at present.

Additional expenditure for about Rs. 2.00 Lac is payable towards cost of Uniform, Study Material, Navigation Computer, Head Phones, Personal Accident Insurance Premium etc. DGCA/ RTR Examination and License fee will be payable by the trainee directly through Debit/Credit Cards or Internet Banking. In addition for those enrolling in BSc Course, University & Examination fee will be extra as applicable.

Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls is provided on twin sharing basis against subsidized charges of Rs. 1500 per month.

Messing Charges are on actual consumption and may cost approximately Rs. 12,000/- per month.

Other Courses

While the Ab-initio to CPL course is conducted on regular basis whereas the other courses are conducted on request as per requirements of the individual.

For registration,  please contact Student Councilor  on telephone 0535-2441147 EXT 417 during working hours  and Email your request to sachintandon[dot]moca[at]nic[dot]in

CRM Workshop

  • IGRUA conducts a 2 1/2  day CRM Workshop four times every year.
  • Forthcoming CRM Workshop
  • Applicable fee Rs. 10,000/- per candidate and payable in advance.
  • No fee is charged from IGRUA Alumni.

For registration,  please contact Chief Ground Instructor  on telephone 0535-2441147 EXT 412/410 during working hours  and Email your request to gtd[at]igrua[dot]gov[dot]in

 Multi-Crew Co-operation Course (MCC)

  • This course has three objectives :
  1. Prepare the ab-initio trainee for the multi-pilot cockpit;
  2. Prepare the CPL holder  for the simulator checkride of a recruitment procedure of an airline
  3. Prepare the ab-initio trainee for his first type rating training
  •  Aim of the course is to enable the pilot to become proficient in multi-crew co-operation in order to operate safely multi-pilot, multi-engine aircraft under IFR
  • Training is conducted on DA 42 multi engine aircraft simulator
  • Course is conducted by an ex-airline very experienced commander
  • Duration : 10 working days
  • 2 day CRM workshop conducted at IGRUA is a pre-requisite for the course
  • Applicable fee Rs. 75,000/- per candidate and payable in advance
  • For registration,  please contact Mr. S.B.Tiwari  on telephone 0535-2441147 EXT 479 during working hours  and Email your request to sbtiwari[dot]moca[at]nic[dot]in


Rates for Endorsement/ Renewal




1. Ab-initio to CPL Course Rs. 45,00,000


Diamond DA42 aircraft per hr

Rs. 45,000

3. Trinidad TB20 Aircraft per hr Rs. 35,000


ZLIN aircraft per hr

Rs. 32,000

5. Diamond DA40 aircraft per hr Rs. 32,000


Diamond DA42 Simulator per hr

Rs. 12,000


Diamond DA40 / TB20 Simulator per hr Rs. 9,000


Note :  Applicable Goods & Service Tax  will be charged extra (@ 18% at present )


AELP Training and Testing course

IGRUA conducts Aviation English Language Proficiency Training and Testing course for pilots  as per  DGCA requirements. Please click here for further details.


DRONE Training


Pre-requisites: 10th Pass in English, min 18 years of age

Training Location: Government approved training site at Bilaspur,

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Details:  Please visit Drone Destination Certified Training

The only DGCA-authorized Training Program offering Drone Pilot Certification on both Micro & Small Category Drones

Registrations on first come-first serve basis

Reach us at +918318066244 (Sh. Krishnendu Gupta, Director IGRUA)  OR
igruadd[dot]training[at]gmail[dot]com for
more info



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